Ime is a country with heavy oriental culture, Most notable for producing Samurai and Ninja’s. The Ime people have a deep respect for ancestors and family honor, and this respect has been integrated with their following of the Divine Circle of Elements. It is believed by the Ime chapter of the church that those who have lived and died honorably are welcomed into the Life element again as honored guests and allowed to watch over their descendants during their lives or choose to be reborn once again. This deviation from the Main Church’s normal views of the religion has caused quite a bit of heated discussion in the past as to if the Ime Chapter of the Church should be considered Heretical or not.

Primary land Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Views on Slavery:
Slavery as normally viewed is outlawed in the lands of Ime, with the exception of Indentured servitude. A family or part of a family can be “Sold” to an individual repay a debt of money or lost honor, this debt can last for many generations sometimes, However true unwilling slavery is considered Illegal and indentured servitude is closely tallied and monitored by the ruling lords.

This viewset has often caused trouble between Ime and the neighboring country of Rica


Common races 96%:
Human 40%, halfling 8%, Half-orc 9%, gnome 2%, Half-Elf 5%, Tengu 16%, Tiefling 1%, Aasimar 1%, Oread 1%, Sylph 1%, Ifrit 1%, Undine 1%, Catfolk 8% Ratfolk 6%
Uncommon races 4%:
Kitsune 98% Vanara 2%


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