Dark Wars


The Dark Wars were a time when The Land Below rose up against the surface world of Meria. Common knowledge states that the Drow and Druegar formed an alliance known as the Dark Legion to strike out against the surface. Somehow a large force of the combined armies made it to the surface and was engaged in a massive war with the northern lands of Amlo, Din and Esimeir.

The Dark Wars raged for near seven years after the first two it was apparent that the Drow and Druegar had the advantage and the three powers of the north were pressed back. In the Fourth year of conflict Ime was forced to join the conflict out of fear of where the Dark Legion would turn their gaze next.

The war Ravaged the lands but eventually the Dark Legion were broken from their foothold on the surface. How they got to the surface in the first place has been a mystery however and fear of another start to the Dark Wars is real enough. So far however, only drow surface raids have occurred on occasion.

Dark Wars

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