Rica is a Vast desert kingdom dotted with oasis and ruled by a collection of Sultans. It is perhaps the greatest trade center of the known world, due to its location and looseness concening morals in commerce.

Primary land Alignment: Neutral

Views on slavery:
PROFITABLE. from pleasure slaves to a slave work force slavery has been fully entrenched and integrated into Rican life. There is rarely a City in Rica that doesn’t have a Slave market.

Common races 91%:
Human 44%, halfling 8%, Half-orc 9%, gnome 2%, Half-Elf 5%, Fetchling 6% Tengu 8%, Tiefling 1%, Aasimar 1%, Oread 1%, Sylph 1%, Ifrit 1%, Undine 1%, Catfolk 4% Ratfolk 8%

Uncommon Races: 9%: Nagaji 40%, Samsaran 20%, Suli 20%, Wayang


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