House Rules

House Rules

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1. An attack roll with a natural 1 followed by a natural 20 results in a hit with total damage halved. This is because in your epic mistake you somehow manage to hit them on accident however your full power isn’t behind the hit.

2. A 1 followed by a 1 reduces your ac by 2 for one round, as you have unbalanced yourself and must recover your footing, leaving you more vulnerable to attack.

3. An attack roll made by Player characters or “Destined” NPC’s that has a natural 20 followed by a natural 20 rolls again, if the result of the third roll is in your weapons critical range you increase your weapons critical multiplier by 1 for that attack (this stacks with other sources that increase critical multipliers)

4. Katana can be Weapon Finessed one handed or two handed, But only with proficiency with the weapon.

5. Sawtooth Sabers, Scimitars and Quarterstaves can all be Weapon Finessed but only with proficiency with the weapon.

6. Assassins can be any alignment.

7. Anyone can take the Trap Finder trait.

8. Any class that receives 2 skill points per level instead receives 4 per level

9. Advanced Firearms cannot be crafted or purchased

10. As the Deities in The World of Meria do not have given alignments, casters both divine and arcane do not have to be within an alignment step of the deity in order to cast spells.

11. Planer Travel does not exist…. Spells such as Dimension Door that teleport a character from one place to another still function as normal however and do exist, as do summoning spells.

House Rules

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