Amlo is a Kingdom that has evolved around the Church of the Divine Circle of Elements. The King’s Liniage was said to be chosen by the first High Pope himself under the direction of Malenbar. The Kings of Amlo have ruled with Divine Right ever since, the leadership being passed from father to eldest son, or if there is no son, the first son of the Eldest daughter.

Amlo is ruled by the king, but each Provence is ruled by a noble lord, and each lord has knights to maintain the peace or carry out missions. The Knights have authority throughout the kingdom and can at any time take charge of a local city watch or constable.

Amlo is mostly comprised of Farmlands which are quite bountiful. the majority of settlements in Amlo are villages, but there are a number of Cities each ruled by a Noble Family which governs over the villages in their provence, and the Capital City itself rules over it all and is easily the largest city

Primary land Alignment: Lawful Good

Views on Slavery:
Slavery is considered outlawed in all forms. Though prisoners are often put to work to help pay off their debt to society.


Common Races: Human 40%, halfling 10%, Half-orc 10%, gnome 4%, Half-Elf 5%, Tengu 10%, Tiefling 1%, Aasimar 1%, Oread 1%, Sylph 1%, Ifrit 1%, Undine 1%, Catfolk 9% Ratfolk 6%


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